Guidelines for teen skin care

Most teenagers have trouble with their skin being too oily, too dry, breakouts, or all of those at the same time.  Most parents, especially moms, do everything they can to help their teens through this often frustrating and embarrassing time.  Unfortunately, there are so many products on the market and an overabundance of information on the Internet, it is difficult to sort through the facts and know the right way to care for teenage skin.  That is why I have narrowed it down to some basic guidelines for teen skin care:

  1. Wash your face 2 – 3 times per day.  Wash once in the morning, once before bed, and if you have an active lifestyle, wash once in the middle of the day.
  2. Do not use soap.  Use a facial cleanser that is designed for your specific skin type.
  3. Moisturize after each wash and before bed at night.  Even if you suffer from extra oily skin, you should moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer with SPF 15 to protect your skin from damage and prolong that youthful look.  You will be glad you did!
  4. Avoid touching your face with your hands or any other object (such as your phone).
  5. Get a professional facial.  Kids as young as 13 years old can benefit from having an experienced professional perform a facial on them.  Benefits include:
  • Gain expert advice on what skin type they really have and what products to use.
  • Have the experienced Esthetician use the proper products and techniques for cleaning the skin and pores.
  • Get tips and tricks for proper home skin care.
  • Estheticians may recognize a problem that requires a dermatologist exam.
  • Teens often will not listen to advice from a parent, but will listen to the Esthetician’s advice.

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