Professional Facials for Men

Professional facials for men?  It is no longer taboo for a man to get a professional facial. Men are finally breaking free from the idea that taking care of their skin makes them feminine.  Today’s man is smart enough to know when something can be beneficial to both men and women.  A man’s skin takes a beating over the years.  Working outside in the elements and shaving the face every day can leave a man’s skin rough, dry, and damaged.  Without proper skin care, a man’s skin will age quicker and have more potential for irritation.

Ladies, wouldn’t you like your man to be pampered and feel the smooth, clean results of a professional facial?  Most men will not take the step to make an appointment for a facial for the first time.  It is up to the women to show the men what a pleasurable and practical experience a professional facial can be.  Surprise him with a gift certificate as a holiday gift!

Yes, gentlemen, facials can be practical, as well as fun and relaxing.  The pores will be deep cleaned, reducing potential breakouts.  The skin will be exfoliated and moisturized.  The end result will be a fresher, younger look.  You will leave the salon feeling great.  A man that looks good feels good, and the facial can indirectly improve performance at work and in life.  There is no question that more men should be getting professional facials.

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