Moisturizing Sensitive Skin that is easily irritated

A suggestion for Moisturizing Sensitive Skin that is easily irritated, you may want avoid using topical creams and lotions.  This can leave your skin without the moisture that it deserves.

Here are some tips for keeping your sensitive skin moist and beautiful:

Use Lukewarm Water – Using hot water while bathing will cause skin to dry out.

Do Not Use Soap – Soaps contain fragrances and alcohol that can strip your skin of essential oils.  Find a cleanser that contains moisturizer and does not irritate your skin.

Use Mineral Makeup – Mineral makeup tends to have less of an irritating and drying effect on sensitive skin than other makeup.

Find Your Triggers – Read labels on products to find a trend in what ingredients your skin is most sensitive to.  That way, you will know what to avoid and can find products that will work best for you.

Keep it Simple – Sometimes all you need is a pure fragrance-free lotion to coat your skin and keep moisture from evaporating.  Apply after a shower for all-day protection.

Drink Plenty of Water – Moisturizing from within your body is always effective and can help your other organs, as well.

If you have declared your skin “sensitive” and written off whole categories of products, like moisturizers, you may be cutting yourself short.  Don’t give up trying different ways to keep your skin moist and you will enjoy looking fresh, young, and healthy for years to come.