Here are 5 Ways Working Out Helps Your Skin

When you think about getting a good cardio workout and how it will benefit your body, typically you consider your heart health, building muscle strength, or weight control.   Your body actually gets many more benefits from exercise than you think.  Here are 5 ways that exercise benefits your skin health, too:

1. Pushes Toxins Out – A good cardio workout will make your heart beat faster and makes you sweat.  When your blood flow is increased and you sweat out of your pores, your body naturally pushes out toxins.  These toxins can cause blemishes if left to sit on your skin and grow bacteria.  Always shower off after your workout.

2. Tones Muscles – Having toned muscles under your skin will help give your skin a naturally smooth, tone look.  Your skin will have better elasticity and the appearance of cellulite will improve.

3. Increase Oxygen and Blood Flow – Get your heart pumping hard and you know you have increased the flow of oxygen and blood throughout your entire body.  All of your cells, including your skin cells, are nourished by the blood and oxygen, which helps with new cell growth and healing the damaged cells.

4. Reduce Stress – When you are stressed, everyone can see it on your face.  What do they see?  Forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and acne breakouts.  Regular exercise can boost your serotonin levels that give you a more positive outlook and increase hormone production that helps the body’s ability to heal itself.

5. Natural Glow – All of the above benefits help your skin look and feel more youthful, radiant, vibrant, and beautiful in the most natural way.  Your pores will be flushed out, you will look toner, increased blood flow will create a fresh, glowing color on your skin and you will look relaxed and happy.

Include regular exercise into your daily skin care ritual and you will quickly see the benefits.

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