Achieve Beautiful Skin and Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Achieve Beautiful Skin in Viera FL. discusses the health benefits of Vitamin C and your skin.  Most of us have grown up being told that vitamin C helps ward off colds and keeps us healthier.  It is not as widely known, however, what role vitamin C plays in skin health.

According to University of Leicester’s , Dr. Marcus Cooke, Ascorbic acid “neutralizes free radicals” and can “reverse DNA damage” down to the cellular level.  This is pretty powerful considering how much damage the environment, bad habits, and unhealthy foods do to our skin every day.  To be able to reverse this damage is amazing.

The main component of vitamin C is ascorbic acid, which is very important for new cell growth and collagen production.  Increasing your skin’s cell growth helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and can help your body repair skin damage.  This is very important for keeping that vibrant and radiant glow that we all want.

Producing more collagen is also very important to skin health, as well.  Collagen affects the appearance of your skin as well as the integrity.  It creates a firmer, smoother look , but also promotes stability and elasticity of the skin.

Vitamin C can be taken internally as a supplement or by eating foods such as citrus fruits or vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, collard greens and tomatoes.  Too much vitamin C can cause stomach irritation, so be sure not to exceed 2,000 milligrams per day.  You can also apply vitamin C to the skin topically with a cream.  Creams containing ascorbic acid should be kept out of the sun to maintain their healing properties.  Some say that using vitamin C creams have a more dramatic result for healing the skin than taking it internally.

Remember, everything, including vitamin C must be used in moderation.


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