Teen Skin Care Routine

The teenage years are an exiting time of life.   Days are full of new experiences and freedoms.  The downfall during this time is that skin problems emerge as our bodies change.

Here are some suggestions for making it through acne and other teen skin issues without too much trouble.

  • Keep it simple – Create a daily routine that doesn’t include too many steps.  Some product lines recommend you use several of their products and this can get tricky.  A regular routine of cleansing twice a day and moisturizing at night can help keep teenage skin balanced.
  • Be Gentle – Products geared toward teens can be very harsh and damaging to the skin.  Choose gentle, natural products to use in your daily routine.  Scrub lightly in circular patterns to lift dirt out of pores.
  • Use Sun Protection – As a teen, skin cancer and aging is not usually a concern.  It is important, however, to remember that you will not be a teen forever and your choices today will greatly impact your skin health and appearance later in life.
  • Be Understanding – All teens are concerned about their skin appearance.  Acne can be a huge factor in low self-esteem.   Please do not be too hard on yourself or your teens about acne issues.  Some issues go beyond simple hygiene practices and need medical attention.

A great way to learn about skin issues, discuss your routine and learn what products are right for your skin type is by having a professional facial.

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Resource: SheKnows.com

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