Darkened Skin

Darkened skin, also called hyperpigmentation, is the appearance of dark patches or spots on the skin.  Darkened skin can happen to any race or skin type.  The most common darkened skin is “age spots” which are typically caused by sun damage.  Sometimes, the darkened skin is the result of hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, or menopause.  Most cases of darkened skin is not a sign of any significant life-threatening condition and in some cases color will even out once the hormones become balanced again.

There are some cases, however, when darkened skin is a sign of an underlying condition that may need some medical treatment.  If you experience darkened skin along with fatigue, loss of appetite, or sudden depression, seek medical advice.  Other symptoms, such as darkened skin in the mouth or other mucus membranes are things you should show your physician to be sure there are no issues that need treatment.

Once you and your physician have determined that the darkened spots are not caused by an underlying condition, come see me about having them lightened.  The process is not painful and can be affordable for any budget.  I will customize a plan for your specific areas of concern.

Don’t let those spots embarrass you and bring down your self-esteem.  Life is too short to feel anything less than happy and satisfied with your appearance.



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