How to Reduce Black Circles Under Your Eyes

Many of us notice dark circles under our eyes.  Some people experience them only occasionally, but for others, the dark circles have become a permanent facial characteristic.  Either way, there are ways to reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Before you can begin to know how to reduce the black circles around your eyes, you should try to determine what is causing them to appear.

  1. Family: You may have an inherent under-eye pigment discoloration that appears as dark circles.  If your parents or siblings also have dark circles, this may be the case.  This does not mean that you have to live with it.  Using a concealer makeup that matches your skin tone can give you a quick and inexpensive fix.  For a more permanent solution, IPL (intense pulse light) treatments can help by destroying the pigment cells and smoothing the skin.
  2. Aging: Dark circles can become more noticeable as you age.  The skin around the eye thins and tiny blood vessels show through.  There is less fat and collagen to hide the little veins and they create a darkened look under your eye.  A daily application of eye cream containing vitamin K and retinol helps reduce puffiness and dark circles in many people.  Make sure to eat well, too.  Our bodies need several kinds of nutrients to look and feel great.
  3. Allergies: Many people suffer from allergies, either seasonally or all year long.  If your allergies give you dark circles under your eyes, there are several steps you can take to reduce the circles.  Treat your allergy with the medicine your doctor recommends and take a multivitamin.  Make sure your sinuses stay as clear as possible.  If you continue to show dark circles under your eyes, you many have an allergy that you are not aware of, such as a food allergy.  In this case, you can choose one of many home remedies for reducing dark circles, such as using a cold spoon, raw potatoes, or cucumbers on the darkened areas.  Cool tea bags have also been known to significantly reduce selling and discoloration around the eyes.  When all else fails, use a concealer makeup that matches your skin tone to cover the circles.
  4. Stress:  Stress can make us deviate from our normal routine, triggering bad habits and unhealthy decisions.  Smoking, not eating right, and lack of sleep can each cause dark circles under your eyes.  When our bodies are not properly maintained with good nutrition and plenty of sleep, vitamin absorption is reduced, blood flow is slowed and adrenal function can be decreased.  Reducing stress can greatly improve the appearance of unsightly dark circles under your eyes.

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