Skincare to deal with the changing seasons

The seasons change, even here in Brevard County, Florida.  Mild season changes make it easy to forget that the humidity levels and temperatures are changing.  After each rainy season, the air dries out and so does your skin.

Be proactive and you can help your skin transition through each season without unwanted effects, such as extra oily or dry patches.  Dr. Oz, Cardiologist and Dermatology Physician, Dr. Ellen Marmur, answer the question, “What’s the best way to deal with the changing seasons for my skin?” from

Dr. Oz stresses the importance of sun protection.  He suggests you, “Protect yourself by applying sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher.”  He also blames the dry indoor air during the winter months for dry skin problems.

Dr. Ellen Marmur has some tips for dealing with the changing seasons.  She says, ”With every season, reclassify your skin “type” and reevaluate your regimen based on that. Your skin will let you know what it needs: Is it feeling oily, dry, or irritated? Is it breaking out much more?”

“In a warm, humid climate you may want to use an oil-free sunscreen as your daily moisturizer and apply a lightweight moisturizer at night before bed. If you have oily skin, you may be able to skip moisturizer at night altogether. Simply put, unless your skin is extremely dry, it’s getting moisture from the air and not losing as much water either.”

Dr. Marmur says, “It’s dry air that causes trouble. Cold, dry air does a number on your skin as the humidity drops.”  She suggests, “A creamy lotion cleanser and a rich moisturizer before bed.”  She says that, “Using a humidifier in your home is a great antidote in an arid atmosphere, also.”

Taking hot and long showers can dry out the skin significantly, so these should be avoided during the dry season.  Other things to stay away from include alcohol, caffeine, and astringents (containing witch hazel or alcohol).  Always remember to moisturize with a body lotion after bathing.


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