Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, as we know it today, began in 1908 after a young woman petitioned to have it observed as a National Holiday. Her hope was to increase respect for parents and strengthen family bonds. I think she has succeeded.

Most mother and child relationships can be complicated. Each is defined by a unique blend of lifelong adoration and momentary contempt. As a child, we refuse to leave her side, but grow to resent her advice and then we later realize that she was right. It is only when we become parents that we truly understand how much she loves us. Honoring mom each year on a National Holiday encourages families to come together for a common bond – Mom.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, this list will remind you why you love your mom so much.

Mom always knows when something is wrong – even when you tell her “nothing”.
Mom nurses you back to health when you are sick.
Mom always tells you to follow your dreams.
Mom doesn’t mind all of your annoying habits.
Mom always remembers to tell you she loves you.
Mom never stays mad at you.
Mom doesn’t judge you.
Mom knows what food you like and she cooks it for you.
Mom goes above and beyond to make you happy.
Mom is honest with you, even if you don’t like it.
Mom stands beside you when everyone else walks away.
Mom always gives you the last cookie, even if she wants it.

Your mother’s love is more powerful than any other love you will encounter through your life. Your love for her charges that power. Show your mother some love this Mother’s Day!

Reference: Elite Daily

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