Laser Hair Removal

Top 4 Reasons for Laser Hair Removal

With bikini season upon us, laser hair removal is an opportunity to never again shave, wax or use chemical-laden creams to tidy up your bikini line or clean up the gentlemen’s unwanted hair. Pain-free laser hair removal is a process with many benefits for the patient. The Emvera DioLux Laser Hair Removal System is the fastest, most powerful and comfortable laser for all skin types on the market.

Cost Effective

The money you will save on disposables such as razors, shaving cream, depilatory creams and waxing treatments are savings you will experience immediately. Not to mention, the additional time you will gain from not having to maintain all of the above methods of hair removal.

Bye, Bye Ingrown Hairs

Since the hair is removed, there is no possibility for it to grow back! Laser hair removal actually helps improve problems with ingrown hairs. Treatments will leave the skin silky and smooth, and you will never need to worry about razor burn again.

Quick Results

While treatment time depends on the area size, removal is fast. The Emvera operates up to 10 pulses per second, speeds capable of treating women’s legs or men’s backs in eight to ten minutes. You can enjoy results within the first few weeks of receiving them.

No Recovery Time

Laser hair removal with the Emvera’s chilled tip cooling system minimizes pain and reduces burning, which leads to no recovery time for the patient.

All the benefits of pain-free laser hair removal can be yours. Just give us a call today at 321-720-5473 for a consultation and to book your appointment.  Smooth and beautiful skin is just around the corner!

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