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5 Reasons to Finally Say “Yes” to the Peel

5 Reasons to Finally Say “Yes” to the Peel

We’ve all seen it offered on the spa services list, or know a friend with glowing skin that raves about her latest treatment. However some of us are still intimidated by the name. We get it, the word “chemical” can be scary, and when it comes to our face we tend to be overly protective. The irony of it is; what waits for us on the other side of a chemical peel, is some of the softest most radiant skin of our lives! Here’s 5 reasons to finally say “yes” to the peel.

Created Specifically For You
This isn’t a one size fits all deal. A medical aesthetician customizes each formula to your specific skin needs. You and your skin are one of a kind, one your peel will be too!

Minimal Downtime
Depending on the type of peel selected, recovery typically takes 3 days to 2 weeks. During this time you may assume normal activities while following specific care instructions provided from your medical aesthetician.

The Results Are Real
Looking in the mirror and smiling back at what you see is priceless. There’s a reason chemical peels have been around for so long, and why the wide range of clients continues to grow everyday. Peels are backed by proven results, and have helped women of all ages regain their confidence.

Bang For Your Buck
Affordable AND effective? Yes please! Not only do chemical peels leave you with the softest skin you’ve had in years. They also treat acne, uneven skin tones, brown spots, dehydrated and dull/tired looking skin, and reduces scarring, fine lines and large pores. Because we all love getting our money’s worth.

Not Limited To The Face.
A test run before undergoing a facial treatment IS possible! Chemical peels aren’t only used to repair the skin on your face. They may be used on the face, neck, décolleté, shoulders, arms, hands, back, and feet. Take your pick and enjoy!

All the benefits of a chemical peel can be yours. Just give us a call today at 321-720-5473 for a consultation and to book your appointment.  Smooth and beautiful skin is just around the corner!