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Skin Care

Skin Care for Men

Hey Guys, listen up! Skin care is not just for women! Men need to put some effort into keeping their skin in top condition, too, to look good and feel...


5 Tips for Treating Back Acne

The summer is here and you are ready for the beach. Don’t let back acne keep you from enjoying life like you should. I have 5 tips that will hel...

Skin Care

Why get a facial?

Facials have a reputation for being luxurious and indulgent, something only wealthy older women do to help keep their skin from wrinkling and maintain...

Hair Removal

Pain Free Hair Removal For Men

When men look good, they feel good, just like women. Having self-confidence in their appearance can help them have less stress, enjoy relationships, a...

Skin Care

What is a wart?

Warts are very common and not something you want on your body. They are small, clear or flesh-colored bumps that may be slightly painful, depending on...

Skin Care

4 Types of Dry Skin Conditions

Everyone experiences dry scaly skin at some time in his or her lives. Sometimes, it clears up on it’s own, other times it is a chronic problem t...