Deb Babcock

December 3rd

Achieve Beautiful Skin! From the moment you walk through the door you know you are going to be pampered and well taken care of. The spa is decorated in lovely pinks with lace and pearls and crystal chandeliers. You feel like a princess! Jeanne did her expert analysis of my skin and recommended what procedures she thought would be best for me. With her background as a registered nurse, Jeanne goes above and beyond what a typical aesthetician can do for you. As a Physician Assistant myself, I am keenly aware if a place would be cutting corners. I’m always am wary of places that use the term “medi” spa. Achieve Beautiful Skin is a TRUE medi-spa. Jeanne is an expert and licensed “medical” professional. You are in good hands here, and I highly recommend this fantastic Medi spa!

New Customer

June 2018

Jeanne was friendly, attentive and professional. She answered my questions and let me know what she was doing and why. I walked into a lovely stress-free atmosphere decorated in shabby chic and piano music plays softly in the background

New Customer

August 25th

Jeanne and her staff are great! This was my first experience at a medspa and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Plus, they gave me a tiara- how cool is that??!!


Hello Jeanne, And thank you for allowing me to give you a hug at the Women’s Expo- forgive my forwardness but I so appreciate all you did for my daughter in just one visit! My daughter is a little sprite- she is tiny and curvy and sweet- a beautiful young woman always full of fun, happy, and grabbing the world by its tail. However, on her last visit home, that girl was gone- she had been feeling very down and self-conscious about what she described as her acne. While her skin had some break out, it was in no way severe but, like most of us who get a pimple, it appeared the size of the moon in her eyes! She broke down in tears one evening and I just felt so bad. In past years, we had visited the range of dermatologists in our area and they all prescribed the same medications which were not effective- we did not do many return visits. My daughter is in college and thinking of having fun, going out, and dating intermixed with studies. Her complexion was holding her back socially because she felt “ugly” without her makeup (which of course she is not!) I met you at the WBC Leadership Summit when we sat at the same table. Your spirit and energy was outstanding and because of that, I saw in you someone who could help my daughter. And I was right! Not only did you give her great advice on daily care but the procedure you did worked wonders! I came home to a happy 21 year old who had gotten her face done, and her hair cut as a result- she looked beautiful and shiny and I had my girl back! It takes a special person to help another feel beautiful, despite any flaws or imperfections they themselves see-you are that and more. Your skills as an Aesthetician are fabulous! My daughter will come in another treatment when she comes home to visit in the near future but I understand from her that she is following your advice and seeing positive results on a daily basis. As a mother who deeply loves her child, I can only say Thank you for all you’ve done. While it is your profession, I’ll bet not enough people let you know how profoundly you touched their lives and I certainly wanted to share. Cynthia

New Customer

Jeanne does an amazing job treating my troubled skin, she always treats each client with an individual plan to achieve your maximum beauty.

Diane Chasick

We are so fortunate to have Jeanne Slater Whitman as a member, a local artist, and a sweet cheerleader for our deserving skin ♥ Enjoy her talents soon! Achieve Beautiful Skin in Suntree

Groupon Customer

April 25 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed this service!

Groupon Customer

April 24 2014

The lady loves her work…relaxing!


The treatment is wonderful. My skin has improved dramatically after only three sessions.

Groupon Customer

March 25, 2014

I gave this groupon to my daughter for Christmas. She called me yesterday and said it was amazing. She has another one as well. I am so happy that I took the chance and got this for her. Thank you.

Groupon Customer

February 12, 2014

So lucky to have found this offer connecting our family to Jeanne. She has made a huge difference for my son’s teenage skin. I recommend her completely. Thanks!

Debbie Steininger

I have been getting facials with Jeanne at Achieve Beautiful Skin for over a year now. She does a fantastic job and is always on top of the latest advances available in her field. Her room is beautiful and relaxing and her customer service is impeccable! After each facial, my skin is glowing, smooth and refreshed. I recommend Jeanne to anyone looking for younger, brighter looking skin!


Congratulations to an amazing lady Jeanne I truly LOVE how she conducts business, treats her clients, offers the best services, and is super knowledgeable too in skincare. She is really amazing. She is getting another award for her hard work, dedication, commitment and has great customer oriented service Achieve Beautiful Skin, Inc Yes, I used her service and highly recommend her. Wish I can go have some more things done lol like my huge burn mark to vanish to non existent, that will be in my near future. Congrats Jeanne you deserve it. Hugs!


Knowledgeable, Friendly, Great Prices, Great Service I have been using Jeanie now for a few months. Since my first visit to her store I was impressed! She really was thorough with helping me understand what was going on with my skin. She also helped me understand what products I should be using to better care for my face and age smartly and beautifully. I recommend all of my friends to her! She makes me feel comfortable and most of all Relaxed and I always feel beautiful and refreshed after my facials! I love working with her! I highly recommend her.

New Customer

Awesome!! You are an artist and truly cheer inspiring! And I am so grateful to be able to benefit from your talents! My skin glows after your magically treatments. Thank you Jeanne Slater Whitman!!!


Jeanne – I’m so pleased with the way my skin looks today – Can’t wait to get another treatment from you… I think it’s gonna work… Looking forward to my appointment with you on Thursday….Thank you!


I had a wonderful experience yesterday. Had an Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation and Microdermabrasion. I saw immediate results and fading of discoloration on my skin. This morning I woke up with beautiful youthful and glowing skin. I’m a happy girl. Thank you Jeanne!


I want to do a testimonial for Jeanne. The girls and I attended an event at her house and it was incredible. She goes way over and above for her clients. If you are in need of some pampering…find out when her next event is being held.


Just had my first microdermabrasion treatment with Jeanne and my skin feels WONDERFUL! Well worth the visit! Thanks Jeanne…it looks great too, with just the first treatment.


I just got a fantastic microdermabrasion treatment from the fabulous Jeanne Slater Whitman. She always runs fantastic deals so I suggest booking a facial treatment with her!!!!! Thank you Jeanne for giving my skin a new life!!!


I tried many alternatives, all without much effect. I’m now a believer in SmartPeel Microdermabrasion.


Had another fantastic microdermabrasion treatment followed by ultra sound.. yes I said ultra sound. My skin will be back to normal before long and I can’t wait! Thank you Jeanne Slater Whitman for being my hero! Go see her and tell her I sent you!!

Peg Bundy II

Jeanne Slater Whitman former Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Perfect Season Team at Bridal Show. You are still so beautiful! She is proof her methods work!!


Had an amazing facial & microdermabrasion session with Jeanne today. My face feels baby soft. If you haven’t had yours yet, be sure to call Achieve Beautiful Skin soon! Thank you, Jeanne!