5 Tips for Fresh Skin

Everyone wants to look fresh and beautiful all day long.  The weather, makeup and daily stress can make your skin look course and dull.  Stay smooth and glowing with these tips:

  1. Never wear makeup to bed.  Your pores deserve a good cleansing before lying down to rest for the night.  Clean the eye area gently and be sure to remove every bit of makeup.
  2. Use a gentle facial cleanser or cream.  Clean you face thoroughly every morning and evening.
  3. Rinse very well after cleaning your face.  Splash water over your face and neck several times to make sure all residue of the cleanser or the dirt are off of your skin before patting dry with a towel.
  4. Use alcohol-free products only.  Do not be fooled by the temporary relief of oily skin when you use an alcohol-based product.  Your oil glands will over compensate for the new dryness and your oily skin problem will return.  Use mild products and cleansers only.
  5. Moisturize daily with an oil-free cream or lotion.  Use a product with an SPF 30 for sun protection as well as moisturizer.  Apply to clean skin.

Following these simple tips every day will keep you looking and feeling fresher.