Take care of freckles on your lips

Freckles on your face and body can look beautiful and natural, but freckles on your lips can be unsightly, stand out on your face and can be embarrassing.   Most importantly take care of freckles on your lips.  Most of the time, a freckle on your lip is nothing to worry about, however it is always a good idea to have a dermatologist take a look to make sure there is not an underlying condition that is causing the freckle to appear.

Once the dermatologist has determined that the freckle is benign and you do not have to have it removed, you can relax and focus on how to conceal it with make up.  If you have a favorite shade of lipstick that is darker than your freckle, using it daily is the easiest way to cover up the freckle on your lip.  If you are looking for a more natural look, you can simply choose a lipstick that is the same color as your natural lips, mix it with a touch of concealer and apply to your entire lip, gently dabbing with your finger tip.  The result will be natural looking lips without the freckle.

Avoid possibly forming more freckles on your lips by using a lip product with SPF 15 or higher every day.

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