Spa Trends 2015

Total body wellness will be the goal for most spa clients in 2015. With an emphasis on health, as well as beauty, men and women of all ages are seeking spa therapies to aid in mental and physical health. The idea that there is an important connection between the mind and the body has been adopted by all generations. Retired seniors, busy Generation Xers, and young millenials are turning to spa therapies, as well as lifestyle changes, to reduce pain, restore balance, and relieve stress.

2015 seniors will be more educated on the advanced technology of the spa industry. There will be a focus on anti-aging treatments with less side effects, downtime, and cost. Seniors are becoming more educated and progressive with open minds. The effects that lifestyle choices have on aging issues have become more important. Seniors understand that they have control over how they feel; therefore they are taking more control of their total body’s total wellness.

The busy Gen Xer understands the importance of the mind-body connection, but is focused on getting the best results with the least commitment. Spa treatments have become more effective with less downtime than previous years. Treatments yielding the best results, such as the Beverly HIlls Peel, will continue to be popular with this generation in 2015.

Teenagers are jumping on board with the early facials and spa treatments in 2015. More teens realize that good health means a longer life with a more beautiful body. Still not using sunscreen daily, the 2015 teenager has room to improve. More than ever, teens are taking control of their health while having fun with friends at the spa.

Trends in 2015 will include more natural product ingredients containing antioxidant super fruits such as buckthorn, limetta and goji berry. There will be an increase in therapies using serum, such as peptides, retinols, and hodroxy acids. Men are jumping on board with the anti-aging treatments giving better results in a shorter time and with less downtime. 2015 will be the year for everyone to focus on their total body wellness.

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